Shine Your Light Happy New Year

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Wishing you all a Happy New Year my darlings, and I hope you have a magical one, I love this song and the video and I hope you all shine your light in 2011. I plan on exploding !!! Instead of focusing on the negative things and what I'm not doing, I'm just going to promise to believe in myself more, use my voice and not relay on others to make things happen for me. It's mental that a whole year can feel like a failure just because of a hand full of things, this year I won't let them not this time.

I need to throw away my to do lists and wish lists and just do it, stop planning things that never happen and focus on what I have done. My son will be two this year coming and it's my birthday in January, I feel shocked that a whole year (older :/ haha) has gone and I have been standing still, I feel like the life I need and want is sliding out of view. Now is all we have, I lost a friend this year and he was younger than me and such a happy, funny guy ....we worked together and I still can't believe he is gone it really hit me hard. The fact that life is  totally unexpected and sometimes cruel. At the same time it can be beautiful and even magical, it's easy to except everything to flow and we forget it's not on our terms. So for 2011 I'm chucking out the word MAYBE and saying YES! Sorry for this very hippy message, no I'm not addicted to crack or in a new cult ...I'm just fed up of tomorrow and planning for ever little thing. I need the new, I need the exciting and sometimes the scary moments back when I was doing it for me I am grateful for everything I have, I think me and Barry and our lovely son (Corbie),are going to have an amazing 2011 and go for it.

That's my weird speech over, but I hope your year is 2011. I hope it is exciting and new for you too. If you had told me that I would be with someone I love and we would have an amazing little boy in 2009, I would have had you committed I had a very different plan. I wrote a letter to myself when I was 16 for when I turned 22 ' it simple said 'Never give up on yourself' and I never have.

The only time you fail is when you stop trying, don't do it for your boss, friend, parents, partner or kid's do it for you make 2011 a year you can be proud of because you made something happen and no I don't mean telling your boss their a twat, your friend that they moan too much, your parents they except too much, your partner that they don't do enough or your kids that their spoilt too much. Thinking more doing something great for you, a treat, a push, a chance.

       Happy New Year

For those lost, I miss you still


  1. what a lovely lovely post! :) i also adore the new layout chica, can't wait to see what youve got lined up for the blog in the new year! <3 xo


  3. Beautiful sentiments! I can totally relate. If we all lived in the present a little more rather than analysing the past & fretting the future then we'd be much happier!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Loved this hun, you'll do it babe. Hope you are well, have a lovely new year!! xxx

  5. Lovely post! I feel the very same about 2011 :) i really hope it's a great year for you and that you can achieve all you planned to :D

  6. Happy new year my dear. Great post, and really positive way to start the new year. Hope it's a good one! xx

  7. such a great post...and a great video.
    so true about both.
    happy new year


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