Great! I'm sick

(I did have a coat on just took it off for some quick pictures)
 (Some cool nail vanish that I have had for five years, which is still lush) 
Nail polish: Estee Lauder 02 crazy blue
Ring: Bricklane

Hello people how are you all? Well I hope. I have been so run down, the type of run down where you don't care that your hair is sticking to your face and you are sleeping under a sea old tissue..... Yep YUK !! Feeling a lot better but there was no way I could do any outfit posts. Luckily I took some before getting ill as I was working on different posts, I have some much fun sharing things with you all. Like up and coming fashion, art talent etc.... I really need to get some structure into my posts, as you lot never know what is coming so I know I have said it before but I really will try on at least one main feature a week for you all to enjoy, so not much to tell really. Apart from I finally got around to wearing my flying hat, which I love it keeps my ears so warm and I don't care if I look like a twat !

Oh Tilly from Running For Crayons did send me a lovely thank you present for the interview I did with her, which is the really cool tinned goods. So thank you again Tilly I love it.  So life has been updating the blog (even changed my font, let me know if you hate it), watching T.V (omg misfits and I did like the new peep show) .

                                                      (A thank you from Tilly)

I can't stop painting my nails, it seems to be the only thing looking half good at the moment and I did enjoy a have long bath and a good hair wash (need it dyed and cut so badly). Oh I really want to go do some Christmas shopping in shops, but everyone seems to go mentally insane near Christmas and buy any old crap going. So I am sticking to online, that way you won't have some chav screaming at her kids to shut up or be severed by someone chewing gum who makes a 'ehh' sound for me to put my card in the machine. This is why I don't like Christmas like I said I do it for my boy, got to do it for the kids. I think I may need a new camera as these look out of focus (not happy). Anyway .........

Things I hate about Christmas: (SORRY had to be said)

* Peoples idea of gift wrap in shops, next time I will give it to a dog and let it dry hump it.

* People buying things for no good reason. I have seen people in Tesco when it is mental with a packet of gum and a kit kat, is life that bad that you would queue for that for 45 mins on a Sunday for that.

* Bad Christmas tunes. I don't mind the classics and if they are by the original artist, but covers of shit Christmas songs are unbearable epically when it's busy and you are stuck listening to them. Plus think of your poor staff !

* Christmas snacks. Why do they look amazing on T.V than you buy them and they look like crap and taste like crap, are they eating plastic food on those ad's I think so.

* Fighting. It seems were every you are people will fight at Christmas, at the bus stop over who gets on first, in the car park for space and at the check out for whole actual had the last dress/ brussels spourts or Santa hat.

* People being miserable and making you feel like it. I dislike Christmas but I do smile and try to be festive and get involved, I hate that one person who just moans about everything and even moans if anyone says something mainly negative (please go and watch whatever by yourself in the next room with a microwave dinner if it's that rubbish).

* People wearing summer clothing in winter (outside in the cold trying to keep trendy), yes I want summer back too but you wearing a vest and shorts with no tights and the thinnest cardigan (also know as a jersey top) know to man won't help. Or just stay inside !

There are many more but I need to stop ........

Things I love about Christmas:

* People coming together, weather your family, or friends as long as you have someone to share the joy of food with on Christmas day.

* my son destroying the Christmas tree was up for all of 5 mins and he has taken off the half of it. He is only 14 months :P

* Spending sometime together, it's great having my bloke (Baz) around and watching our son opening presents and playing with the paper.

* Feeling thankful for the people in your life and catching up with everyone over the month with yummy food and coffee met ups.

*Dressing up, themed or glam I love it !!!

* Barry's Christmas dinner ...Epic. Pass me the stretchy pants please, it's great to really enjoy and relax until the new year.

*Adverts I love the real Christmas ad's, have you got any at the moment?

* Pressies, not the main thing just a great bonus. I love wrapping them too.

* Christmas cheesy films, I love Jingle all the way ....sad but true. Also 'It's a wonderful life' Classic.

*Fake Christmas spirit in shops, it actually makes me laugh (I prefer the real thing, but it's rare to find) I love that miserable people have to be semi jolly !!

Anyway do you have a list of love and hates about Christmas?
 Would love to hear some ....make me laugh xx

Hat: H&M
Cardigan: Tesco clothing
Skirt: The sting
Boots: Primark
Necklace: Urban outfitters and H&M

Just quickly here is what I got from the H&M  homeware collection, I got:
2x hand towels
4x face cloths
2x pillow cases
1x cushion cover
I really love them, they arrived quickly too I will be buying more after Christmas. The face cloth's are great really big and wash really well, and are cheap and you get 4 ! Check it out.

So will be trying to update when I can, thank you for all your comment and still replying to them (will take a while) but it does mean the world to me. Loveage x


  1. i really like your outfit, its cute, and loving that ring & nail varnish too :)
    also, we definately have the same likes and hates about christmas!!
    courtney xx

  2. take good care of yourself sweetie!

  3. Love the hat doll, the ring and the polish, very nice. Really hope you are feeling better, not about bed hair pahahhaa. Thanks for your comment, *hugs* Lanvin eh, I wasn't that fond of the colection, but then again, I have random taste xx

  4. wow I love your hat and jumper :) I also love those drawings! x

  5. u look ohhh sooo cute! love the hat!!!

  6. I think I need a hat like that right now, it's freezing!! I love your outfit and even more your ring :)


  7. omg haha, your list = amaze.

    hope you feel better soon x

  8. love the hat love the ring love the nail varnish!!! everybodys been ill lately, it sucks, i hope you feel better soon! also as scrooge like as your christmas hating points were (ha)... i have to admit i agree with some of them.. i'm that person innocently trying to buy my gum and kitkat when the queues are ridiculous :'( xx

  9. Great outfit, and love the nail colour and ring! Great blog:) x

  10. Great boots :D hehe, i like your Christmas love and hate list, i especially agree with the Christmas movies and adverts, the moment i see the coca cola advert i'm in a christmassy mood ;D xxxx

  11. Great boots :D hehe, i like your Christmas love and hate list, i especially agree with the Christmas movies and adverts, the moment i see the coca cola advert i'm in a christmassy mood ;D Hope you're feeling loads better now!! xxxx

  12. love the list you made about hating christmas, agree with you on quite a few points :)
    and what a great hat

  13. thanks for the mention again and I agree how awesome is the new misfits! Hope your getting a little better x

  14. Hope you feel better soon, great 'love' and 'hate' lists. I personally hate when my friends moan about hating Christmas so much, argh! At least you have balanced things out.

  15. Sorry you are feeling sick and run down. I have a cold right now and its taking the life out of me. No energy to post.
    Those face cloths and the pillow case are AMAZING!! Do they ship to Canada do you know?

  16. take care, the good times are ahead. i don't think i have many hates about the festive times other than people than are greedy and not thinking about others

    haha to the summer clothes in winter, they suck!

  17. Lovely sharp post. Never thought that it was this easy. Extolment to you!

  18. Thought I would comment and say neat theme, did you make it for yourself? It’s really awesome!


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