One Haul Too Many

Hello my lovely followers sorry I have not posted lately, my mother was taken in to hospital and I have been trying to sort out everything and run around after little one. Hello to new followers, I need to catch up with blogs and that, so please bare with me. So this is one of my hauls from Sept/Oct I have a lot, I have been bad and buying stuff has taken my mind off things to be honest.

Plus stocking up on winter makeup and skin care is a must. So I will go through everything and I will be doing reviews too, as I went to Lush and got a heap of stuff and on Twitter I was lucky enough to win the Eyeko/Clippy competition (worth £80). So I will post pictures and review the products, outfits will be hard to post, as my mother took my photos :(
Anyway ..................

So I got Lush Eau Rose Water toner, as it sprays on and is really refreshing. As the heating is sucking every drop of moisture, out of my skin the rose water is great for dry skin and is great if you are sensitive. I also like to spray it into my scalp, because you it is re-leaving plus smells amazing. They have three to chose from so check them out.

I also got Clean and clear dual action moisturiser, as I have had spot's pretty much all the time. It's crap because I', almost in my thirty's and getting spots is meant to be a teenage thing ! So I hate the smell of this, but it is great for shrinking pimps and not drying out your face like a cornflake. I apply during the day as I think at night you need a thick cream, this is light and you can easily apply makeup over it. Aloe vera gel, which as anyone knows who is into skin products natural healing. This is a gel, so I smooth a thin layer on to my skin every other night and give my face a wash in the morning as it rolls off (not good under makeup).

 My mother got me the mirror which has a hologram front so cute. I also got this Primark snake ring and these three nail varnishes, I love the red ones, one is call baked cherry and it is the best red ever. If you want to know the names just let me know, I will be doing a review with nail photos too.I got some much needed foundation, I am in love with Rimmel as it does the best shade of ivory. It actual matches my skin ! Lasting finish is the best one and stay matt I usual wear on a night out, because it's matte it's great for stay put makeup in clubs etc ....

This was some of the Lush haul, again I will do a product review for everything I got. I worked for Lush for four years so I can tell you a lot, but they do have some new stuff that I had not tried. I would say get the new snow fairy lip balm, it smells just like the shower gel (for those who have never tried the shower gel, its like candy bubblegum smelling). So yeah I will post the review soon.

All items from : H&M
I went to H&M and got a heap of stuff, I just love my Betty Boo brush which only cost a mere £1:99. I got some nail varnishes, one in a chocolate colour (very hot right now)and the other is a hello kitty glitter purple. I also am addicted to my £1:99 lip balm that comes in this cute flower case, they have different colours to chose from. I got the Hello Kitty makeup palette which was crap, the glitter is just on the top and it does not stay on the eyes for long. I hope the hello kitty nail varnish is better, I will let you know if it is poo. 

I also got this funky ring and this ring necklace, I love this necklace as it go's with everything. I have no worn the ring yet, as I forgot I had it (I have a heap of rings). I needed a new makeup bag, as my makeup stash is covering every surface of the house. Makeup in the oven is never good, so this is perfect it is really big, I love the design and it has pockets inside ....for £3:99 you can't go wrong.

 Flats: Topshop
Lastly here are my fab Topshop shoes, they come in grey or black I went for the black. I love the mesh fabric and the flower at the front, they feel very chanel and they cost £20 ...I have not taken they off my feet I did have to get the next size up as their flats come up a bit tight. So try them on !


  1. Love love love!!

    loveeeeeee the shoes <3
    I want!!!

    Ivânia Diamond*

  2. WOAH what a haul! Sorry to hear about your mum hun, my heart and love goes out to you and your family :) xxx

  3. Sorry to hear about your mum. :( Hope she will be ok. *hugs*

    I LOVE Lush products! They are the best. I always stock up on a big bottle of Snowfairy every Christmas. :D x

  4. I hope your mom is now okay.

    This is such a big haul, loving all the Lush products!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. thank you for the lovely comments it really means a lot. I'm doing okay, keeping busy and focusing on happy things xxxx

  6. Wow that is a big haul!
    1) I love godmother soap. It smells amazing. Have you tried the Sultana of soap? That ones smells amazing too
    2) I love that betty boop brush and the hello kitty polish. I dont think the H&Ms here in Canada carry that stuff here but I could be wrong
    3) I keep seeing those little vaseline tins. Are they new? I haven't seen those here either.
    Hope your mom gets better soon. I can imagine how stressful it must be for you. If you ever need to chat, just send me an email

  7. I hope your mom is doing okay and i love your haul! Too bad I'm allergic to Lush products x_X

  8. i love your ballet flats! great haul!

    p.s. i hope your mom is better now.

    <3, Mimi

  9. oh! lush is so pricey but soooo worth it. i always get this strawberry lotion bar. which is waaaay to overpowering but w.e. it's strawberry?! who doesnt like strawberry?

    oh... maybe people who are allergic. D:

  10. I'm so sorry bout your Mum.Hope she gets better soon.

    Btw, those shoes are gorgeous!

  11. Lovely buys
    I love all the hnm stuff especially
    i cant believe the flats are only £20! Muh Love to you you and you family I hope evey things ok now


  12. Oh wow, check out your amazing haul! I'm a big fan of aloe vera gel and use it to help spots/fade scars and It definitely works! I love the stuff too!

  13. I love love love Lush! and those flats are super cute

  14. Great post hun! I am sooo getting me some of that rose water from Lush - could be just what I need! It is so nice to have someone talk about beauty products because I honestly don't have a clue!

    My heart goes out to you at this difficult time, lots of love and hugs xxxxxx

  15. awh i adore lush! cute haul xx


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