Lush Haul: Gingerbread House, Christmas Eve & More

So as you know I spent four years working for Lush, and left because of a person who was Evil and made it hell to work there any longer. My wonderful boyfriend dragged me into the Regent St branch, where I had once worked . He said that it reminded him of when we were first together, and he wanted to get some 'Karma' bubbles. So I took a breath and headed in, and rather than thinking of Mr Evil, I was suddenly had a flood of great memories with the great people I worked with, and who I am friends with still. 

So I have put it behind me, after all I met one of my best friends working there and I am great friends with many others still. You will always have good and bad people, the trick is to remember the times with the good people. So I have got back into Lush products and love chatting with all the lovely new staff at Regent St, I can enjoy the products without that sick feeling and relax. What is your all time favourite Lush product and why?

Anyway on to my thoughts about my Lush mini haul, want to get and want to forget:

First up is The gingerbread house, It's a bubble bar so you just crumble it under the 'HOT' running tap, this will help release the oils (so always the hot) so this one is spicy. It has ginger in which is my favourite, it warms the bones I think so good if you have been running around. Like all Lush bubbles it is really creamy, great for dry skin. I did enjoy this one, and it will be great come Christmas. It is a ginger smell so not great before a night out, unless you want to smell like a biscuit use it after a long week when you want to relax. 

Mrs Whippy, this is a ballistic so you just drop it in when your in the bath, it frizzed into a creamy frothy milk (it disappears into the bath after a good while) it took a while so I could feel it really soaking in to my skin. If you like The Comforter bubble bar it has a similar smell, if you are hardcore Lush you may recall 'Black Pearl' and again it has that blackcurrant, strawberry smell. I did like this but it took a while to fizz and if you don't have time to soak in the tub it could be a waste. This is great if you like sweet long baths.

Christmas Eve, This was the best one, the smell was amazing and during the day after my morning bath I kept smelling my arm as it was so good. This is a bubble bar with Jasmine, ylang ylang  and Irish moss power so the bubbles were thick and creamy and smelt so dreamy. As the water turned blue I stepped into the bath and really did not want to get out, it was the most relaxing bath I have had in forever. Also I only used half (sometimes I use a whole one for a really must relax bath) and it felt like I had used a full one. The bubbles lasted until I got out which was well over 35 mins. This is my must buy for anyone feeling crappy and stressed, the smell is so feminine and my boyfriend loved it.

Godmother & Angels Delight
Than I got two soaps, there is Angels Delight which is very old skool if you like Snow Fairy you will love it. It smells like candy in a bar, I always think its like washing yourself with bubble gum check out the New Snow Fairy lip balm. I also got Godmother which is one of the newest soaps I have ever had from Lush, this was made to smell like Snow fairy but I think it has a earthy tone to it I like the fact that it does not dry out my skin and the scent is long lasting on the skin.

Lastly is my fab New lip tint Snow Fairy, it has shea butter in which is the best natural moisturiser I find if you heat it by circular motions with your finger tip than applying it glades on. It tastes of raspberry and it has a cute pink tint, it is not a deep tint more of a pink shimmer (I can post lip pictures if you like) but they have a wide range so have a look. I really want the Maple Taffy one, luck for us the lovely Cowbiscuits is doing a fab giveaway which includes the new Taffy lip balm. So check out her fab blog.

Thank you for all your amazing comments, you guys and gals make my day. I know that sounds corny but I don't care you lot rock and thank you for all your support. Let me know what clothing buys you are struggling with, anything you need help finding?
Let me know. One last think also check out the lovely Sammi's blog, as she is also having a great giveaway Sammi In Wonderland.


  1. wooooow...

    Very nice post!

    Ivânia Diamond*

  2. Strange but really interesting
    Id try it but i have really sensitive skin :/
    so ill guess they'll do for Christmas pressies lol


  3. I've never really got into Lush, although I know I would probably love the products. There's just too much choice! Thanks for this post, as it's given me some pointers for what to look out for next time I'm there! xx

  4. i got a lush gift set which was so nice, but i always feel dizzy and get a headache when i go in the store which is a shame becuase they always look so nice! but the smell is just way too strong for me :(

  5. I have to say that I've never tried a lush product in my life because I find the fumes too strong and makes me all headachey! Love their names though!

  6. Try ordering online that way you can enjoy the product without the headache :P or get someone to pick you up some, I don't know how I worked there for so long and rarely got headaches. Now I get them all the time haha :P talk about weird.

  7. Thanks for linking me. I love Lush! Great post! :) x

  8. mrs whippy looks amazing!!! thanks for the post i will definitely be trying this.


  9. Yay thanks for the shoutout! Really love lush now no thanks to you and my twitter lovelies referring me! Sorry to hear you left under bad circumstances, i feel liek leaving cus my boss makes it hell for me to work where I love :( xxx


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