Topshop Makeup ........................

So feeling like death warmed up, and have had to put off all my plan's to just rest, so I am pleased that I have my blog and face book to keep me sane. Great news's Topshop Lover's they are bringing out makeup ...YeS !!! Makeup I know how cool. So check the Topshop blog to see when it hits store's. I just hope that it is good and not over pricey junk, we will just have to wait and see.

Images: Topshop blog

So my BF was playing around and took some really great picture's, check out our skull cup that I love to drink out of. He also took some amazing outfit picture's for me, I do love him.  I will post my haul soon, but being ill I am just trying to rest up as much as pos. OOOHH I am loving a E4 show called Misfit's, if you loved Skin's than you will love it. I saw it a while ago, but have re-watched it on 4OD as like I said I can't do much check it out. 4OD is great for catching up on thing's you have missed, but also getting into new programme's, I can't wait for the second series Of Misfit's just too funny.

image: Barry lean photography

Have a great weekend and I will post my haul and outfit's soon.


  1. Hmm, will it be overpriced or reasonable we shall see...

  2. i doubt it will be major overpriced, well it cant be the same as say MAC can it. that would just be insane.

    ps i work for topshop but im not biased.

    thats one unusual mug!

  3. Topshop MAKEUP??!! Oooo, oooohhoooooooo, well now well now well now... might have to investigate ;-)


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