Gossip Girl Blair Style .....................

After seeing on almost every blog, the new Gossip Girl range at Miss Selfridge and seeing just how non Gossip Girl it is .....it troubled me. I am not a uber fan, but I do love the styling on the show, so even I feel the collection is a let down. So to prove that us blogger's know are stuff, here is my how to - Gossip Girl style with current buys. I hope you like it, one thing is for sure it's better than the Miss Selfridge collection ( I usually love anything by Miss Selfridge, so what happened)....so each day I will do a new girl so first up is Blair .........................


So I went for that preppy look, I wanted a day outfit that could also be worn at night. So Blair always has a cuteness to her outfit's, I choose this cute Alice bow from Accessorize and it costs £6:00, I love that it will go with most outfit's as black is timeless. 

The dress is a poppy print and I choose the prom style, this one is from New look  and cost's £28:00, it also has the Luella inspired heart shape in the back which is just darling. Next is the necklace without being OTT, I noticed Blair does love her add on's, a bag or necklace it's always a statement this classic art deco one is from Asda direct it cost's £10:00. Than to finish I wanted a shoe that was girly but had a little edge as I think Blair will wear a classic with a twist so I choose this cuff pair from New Look again they cost £30:00.

For other dress option try this one it will still work with the shoes, necklace and hairband. It's from Asda Direct and is only £18:00, you could also try this look with flat ballet pump's if you can't do heel's. I found these cute slingback's they are from peacocks and cost just £6:00.

Next will be Serena, so let me know what you think? If you think it's rubbish I won't inflict the other three style's .....I promise.


  1. Oh I love the hair bow, I had a red one and promptly lost it a few months ago. Hopefully I can get a cute replacement! I am a fan of gossip girl, particularly Blair's style and think you did a great job!

  2. Cute pieces! Good choices :)

    I was in Central and East London yesterday, we should meet up next time!

    tweet tweet tweet



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