Fashion Foward Gaga

Photo: Barry Lean Photography

I could'nt help but notice the flag theme at the end of the Gaga video Telephone, I was sporting this look back in 2007 and even blogged about it. Me fashion forward .......................could it be.
This Corset top is vintage and cost me £30.00 and I Love it.

And here are some more picture's from this video just because I love it .......................yes I have gone Gaga mad.

Images of Gaga from Vevo


  1. thanks for the blazer comment, howard moon, that makes me want to wear it even more!!!!classic

  2. wow beautiful eyes looks great

  3. New material girl!

  4. I love this video too - so mental, yet so pretty! Love your stars and stripes corset. Very fashion forward indeed!


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