Running In Heels

So I promised you that I would post pictures of my shoes collection, so I grabbed out my shoes from inside my wardrobe . I could not fit them all in .......not good, but I just focused on heels. I had no idea just how many I had and was happy to see heel's I forgot I had. I know it's bad but it made me want to go shoe shopping, I know I'm crazy right. I love nude shoes and really need WANT a cute pair to keep the other's company, so off to hunt some down. May post flats and boots soon, but don't have much time at the moment. Plus really want to paint my nails, and sort out want I'm wearing for my friend Harry's birthday nightout at Bunker Club ( thinking either Alice style or Biker chic) so I think any free time will be used wisely.

I want more ...............Yes I am a shoe addict.


  1. hahhaha i love your shoe collection! kind of puts mine to shame because you have so many colours going on there! i need your black lace up boots! i dont suppose your a size 3.5 ;)

  2. no lucky hunni I'm a size 6 ....oh trust me there is a whole heap more ....I have a shoes addiction
    :( xx


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