S/S 2010 ....You Are My Sunshine

So I don't know about you but I can't wait for summer, London is pretty grime at the moment so bring on some sunshine. Plus I have been buying up pieces, in a quest to get my summer wardrobe ready. Soon I will have no money for anything but the baby and food, so making the most of it. I think its a good idea to plan away, than I won't be stuck in the ovens (that most shops turn into during summer, for lack of crap air con) Instead I can take my son to the park and meet up with friends for drinks. Well everyone knows our summer lasts about two weeks (if we're lucky).

So naturally I have been spending cold nights, flicking through Elle with a cup of tea in some fab shoes socks I got off my best friend for Christmas. So there are some fab new trends, really exciting this year, I don't like to do them all. I have focus on two this summer, I also am lucky that I have some pieces I can add to for the new trends. A belt there, a shoe here .......oh yeah !!!

So the Trends .............

I have gone for BTW .........

Rose print, I have a lot! A lot more than I ever thought I would, apart from dresses I have a rose print blazer which looks so hot with, well just about everything.

Double Denim, which you have to be really careful with. Get it wrong and you could end up looking like the sofa in the Levi store (good on a sofa, not on a person). I made a denim waistcoat from an old denim jacket, that I think will look fab with jeans.

and the classic ....

Nautical, I have a lot of this trend I am a bit of a retro sweetheart. I think I am going to tone this trend down more this year. I usual go overboard .

Some simply ways of up dating, are to go for colour jewellery (check out Issa London) keep it clean and playful. Bags are bright as well, almost trashy but I love that ! I have plenty to keep me going. Bows in the hair are cute as well, try to keep them small this time round.

Anyway I will have to post some outfits soon, it has been forever!

ciao for now xx

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