Insane For Kane

I just adore Christoper Kane I will never forget when he hit the catwalk in 2007, he can make women look slick but with such a edge that screams ' DON'T MESS'. I would have loved to own this dress pictured above, but with a price tag that would be worth one of my kidney's there was no chance. Thank the fashion star's for the lack of cash flow, and the fact that designer's are jumping more and more on the hit street bandwagon of collections.

To say I was happy on Friday when his collection hit Topshop was the understatement of the century, I was going to go for one of the neon eyelet dresses but I had a think for the future and went for the grey bandage dress. So once my baby is born (he is now a week overdue :( my womb is the new it place to be don't you know) than I look forward to wearing it on Christmas day, when I can get lots of picture's of my bub's first Xmas and my new dress.
I will post pic's when it arrives this week, if I am not in labour by than. Check out the Kane collection UK/USA

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