The Train That's A Cafe

The Deptford Project is a cafe with a twist, it's a converted train carriage. My dear friend Con had read about it and really wanted to see if the food lived up to the decor. So as she had just got back from a trip in Brazil, we decided that it would be the perfect place to have a good catch up. I have to say I was SO impressed, the food was great and the service came with a smile. It's a great place, child friendly as well. I think it helped that it was a great sunny day, so you could always sit outside in the sun and enjoy the art work that feature's on the side of the carriage. I wanted to steal the light's and the stool's, as I think they would give any kitchen a touch of Tate modern. 

With great food (I went for jacket potato with cheese, beans and salad) at a great price under £10 including my drink, this has to be my new hang out. The 35 tonne 1960's South East Trains carriage made its way from Essex on Valentine’s Day as our gift of love to Deptford High Street. A painstaking 2 miles per hour journey down the A11 brought the carriage to Deptford at midnight, clearing the railway bridge with 2 inches to spare. In its new home it has been lovingly converted into a café/bistro, designed by Studio Myerscough who were also responsible for the handpainted exterior and bespoke furniture (with Luke Morgan). 

 THE FUTURE The Deptford Project Café is the first step in a project to completely regenerate the area around Deptford Train Station and the old Victorian carriage ramp.Soon, Deptford Train Station will be rebuilt. When it's complete, work will start to transform the area that was the original railway yard. A new and important public space with a weekend creative industries market, shops and galleries will form a new heart to Deptford High Street using the original railway arches and restoring the carriage ramp to its former glory. Eventually a new residential building, designed by world-famous architect, Richard Rogers, will be built at the back of the carriage ramp bringing new life to the area and connecting the ramp back to the railway line as it was when it was built as the first suburban railway station in London in 1836. Press enquiries to Origin Communications on 020 7278 0068.

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