Gonna miss my aussie gal pal

My friend is going back to oz, and I don't know how I'm gonna cope. We have worked together almost two year's, I'm really gonna to miss her. She is the one that got me, to hang up my skinny jeans on a Friday night and put on a dress. Don't get me wrong, I can dress up via the jean route. But she made it fun, Friday nights became our own little catwalks. Who cares if your merry, I wanna know where your outfit is from?

I will miss her support, through the rough times, were I was almost pulling my hair out. Most of all I will miss her laugh, there's nothing more in style than that. I am glad that she gets to see her family and her other mate's, but I want to be selfish and have her here. I have made her a photo album and am gonna get her something nice. If anyone has an suggestion, for a gal who has everything. That would be most helpful.

Maybe we can be pen-pal's, go back to the old skool.

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