Clothing At Tesco: " Most Stylish Gender"

You may have noticed this is an outfit with a difference, the difference being it's not me. Clothing at Tesco asked if I wanted to join in their competition, they gave us the challenge of styling some men's chinos. Barry was not overly keen on the idea, as he's not a chinos kind of man. When I mentioned we could be in with a chance of winning a weekend away he jumped and so for the first time ever, here's Barry's OOTD. It's a battle of genders... hmm kind of, I don't think it's really about genders as I know men way more stylish than me. 

Is it Outfit A:
Tartan shirt*, Sugar skull top*, chinos*  clothing at Tesco and boots (Barry's own)
or is it Outfit B:
Cable knit hat*, cable knit jumper*, chinos*  clothing at Tesco and boots

Me vs my very stubborn boyfriend of eleven years however, well that's a hell yes! So one outfit is styled by me and the other is styled by Barry, but who has the edge and ticks your box? We went with a relaxed theme, as this is what Barry would wear normally. Voting will start next week on the 18th September, so if you like our outfits please go vote for us (we could do with a nice child free weekend, very, very badly). We actually had a laugh doing this, and Barry even mumbled that chinos were actual 'alright' which is major coming from a man who's sewn into combats.


  1. Oh wow. I love that cable knit jumper!

    - April

  2. Love these two looks, Barry looks great :)

    Maria xxx


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