Is Romance Dead: A Review Of InterFlora

In a day where we want it all and we want it now, can sending your loved one flowers and chocolates be romantic or has it just became a cliche. Centuries ago, Queen's would have only known such luxuries. Looking back even closer, during the world wars women were penciling lines on the back of their legs to fake wearing stockings. To be given such a treat would have been the talk of the town I'm sure, so how is it in 2013 we have become the 'whatever' generation. 

So what does count as romantic, isn't romance just about doing something that shows you love someone. If you ask me you don't have to be a romantic, I don't dream of Paris I would much rather a tea and toast in the morning that I didn't ask for. This is someone who has two young children with her other half of ten years, romance has to fit in around the reality of every day life. I think we all have a different measure for romance, some dream of grand, over the top movie style scenario. While others are thankful for even a card.

Valentine's Gift Bag with Heart chocolates* Interflora

Back to flowers.. You can't ride a flower to work, you can't wear it on your feet and you can't use it to send emails. Flowers are not about need or want, flowers are there to look at. Flowers are there to remind us that sometimes the world is a beautiful place. Put them in a vase and they brighten your room, also why does romance have to be a love affair. Valentines is not just about couples, me and my friends use to send each other cards and small gifts almost as a 'well done your not just with anyone' prize. I plan on sending my mum some flowers, I think romance can be shared and I don't mean in posting up a million photos of you and your beloved eating each others faces on Facebook.

Interflora asked if I would love to review a lovely bunch of valentine flowers for them, of course, like I said you can't email with a flower, ride them or eat them. So this is why I picked their valentine's gift bag with heart chocolates, because who doesn't like something to nibble while arranging your flowers. Interflora have fast delivery, I was impressed that they delivered with the time slot I was given. This is perfect for you if your sending them to a workplace, as some services tend to be a let down on the time keeping front.The flowers came in a little basket type box, and were well wrapped with water in the base so they stayed fresh. I was a little sad they had no feed as this keeps them a little longer. Saying that the flowers were perfect, good quality and I had enough to fill two vases. There were a mix of flowers, and they were all full and so bright. 

As for the chocolates, well they lasted all of two minutes filled with champagne they were the perfect heart shaped treat with a cup of tea (you get a lot, I shared them with Barry my bloke). The heart shaped box they came in is really cute, so I'm re-using it for jewellery storage. Overall if your going to send flowers than I would highly recommend them. My mum kept hinting how 'gorgeous' they were, so no doubt I will be placing a order with them soon. They also sell my all time favourite Biscuiteers, candy hampers and balloons.  I was once told that the yellow rose is for friendship. So if like me you plan to send flowers to someone special that you don't fancy, this would be a good choice. Interflora have been going since 1923, and I can see why. This non romantic suddenly feels like I should be rescued from a tower .....okay maybe not, but when someone sends you flowers and chocolates it's hard not to feel a little romantic. 


  1. Lovely review! Those flowers are GORGEOUS! and how awesome that they deliver chocolates too!
    ♥ laura
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  2. Oh that is so lovely! I haven't used interflora in years, I think a lot of my friends think valentines day is only for couples too. I think your bouquet is absolutely gorgeous and I had no idea they did chocolates too! I don't think I've ever received a delivery from them, I've sent my mum a delivery years ago through their website but that was way before they did add ons and things.
    I love that you like tea and toast instead of paris, I've been with my Mr 6 years and I'm the same, I don't really expect flowers anymore, I do love when he makes me dinners and hoovers at the weekend when I get a lie in. Romance! lol!


  3. Cool review. I am the same valentines isn't just about couples, sharing with family and friends plus its nice putting a smile on their face.x


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