Birthday Wish List

I'm so silly I forget to post this before my birthday, but thought I would still share it with you anyway ....Can I blame it on getting old. What would a birthday be without a wish list, I don't really want much as there's nothing I need. These are just things I have been eyeing up, I've always hated Birthdays sadly I was ill for most of this one and this was one I wanted to enjoy. So I'm ditching the diet this week I've just started eating what I like, wearing what I like and being silly with my nearest and dearest. I'm going out Friday with my girls, so this should make up for the lack of fun on my actual birthday. I got two birthday cakes which was nice, so it was handy I ditched my diet for just this week. Anyway thank you for my birthday wishes.
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  1. I'm not a fan of Motel, but I love this dress!
    You'd look ace in it Law x

    The Littles.

  2. I love that dress, it's gorgeous! hope you had a good birthday!
    Jodie xx | a href="">Future Freaks Me,/a>

  3. Love the dress - bang on trend!

    Happy birthday to you for the other day too!

    Now following on GFC - would be great to follow each other and if you could take a look at my latest post :)


  4. Hope you had a fabulous day Law xxx

  5. THAT DRESS! I've been eyeing it up too it's gorgeous!

    Happu Birthday by the way :D

    Thanks for the blog comment!


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