Winter Woad

I'm so gutted, I bought this bag off eBay for around £5.00 new a couple of weeks ago! I was all ready to share the link with you lot, because it's actual really good quality. Now the price has gone up to £20.00 something, so next time I see a good deal I will just tweet it for you lot.

Apart from that random information, can you believe that Christmas is only a week and a few days away! I'm trying to be good, and wait till after Christmas to treat myself to some bits. I may have purchased some boots off eBay yesterday, so I've pretty much failed at that. If you look in the shops, everything is on sale now anyway as believe it or not S/S13 is already creeping into stores. I have a few press days to share with you, and I'm sure like me you will me making a massive list. 

Coat & Hat:Primark
Faux Fur Collar: H&M
Jumper, Knitted waistcoat, Skirt & Belt: Charity Shop
Bag: eBay
Shoes: eBay (similar here)
Necklace gift from Barry

This was the other day, and my outfit was a mix of charity shop and eBay goodness. It's a little blue not exactly woad blue, but 'winter woad' had a ring to it. I have not managed to get to my local charity shops for a while, so when I had a spare hour I made it my mission to just 'have a look'. I found three gems in the form of a mens denim shirt (I will have a D.I.Y coming soon as I have a plan for this), a velvet dress and a cool vintage belt. I think eBay is more dangerous for my bank balance, as it's just so easy. I'll be happily munching a pack of twiglets, watching Made In Chelsea and 'just looking' at shoes etc.. Than before the episode has finished I have managed to buy half a new wardrobe. 
Where do you tend to spend your money? In real shops or virtual ones? Or are you on a ban, I'd love to know.

Just literally read about this site on She wears Fashion, seriously Click it it's called Buzz feed  and it's full of heart-warming stories and put's my faith back into humanity.



  1. Those boots are bloody fabulous! And cute bag. OX

  2. I am defo on a spending ban again- I just can't control my spending! But I like Chariry shops the most then online then real shops.
    Love your coat abd that bag is amazing- gutted it went up to £20! Buying it would defo break the ban

  3. I loveeee the bag and those boots!!!! You look beautiful law xx

  4. I love this outfit. Shame about the bag, it looks great! x

  5. Ebay is definitely my favourite place! I'm writing my dissertation atm and find myself taking breaks for ebay and buying something! Also, love that skirt!! x

  6. I love the whole outfit, especially the bag! Great charity shop finds too - I never find anything in my local charity shops, I think I need to venture out to Birmingham or another nearby city in hope to discover some lovely things soon! x

  7. Great outfit, I love your coat.

  8. I love this outfit. I really like the necklace and boots x

  9. love this outfit! the skirt is a gorgeous colour! :)

  10. Gorgeous bag you were lucky to get it for that price! I really want a faux fur collar!! X

  11. After looking at the first photo, I'm nervously scrolling down to see where did you get this necklace from... and it's from Barry!!! Not fair! ;) Looking fab! X

  12. I love your skirt, what a find!x

  13. I love your outfit here, that skirt is beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  14. Pure style as always
    If you like pointy pumps you will like my latest post...

  15. You look lovely! That bag is amazing! xx

  16. great outfit, love your coat, necklace and bag especially!

  17. woow! fantastic look! great coat and amazing shoes! XOXO


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