My Zenergy Review

So a while back I got to trial the  Zenergy program, at first it was going to be a week and than it ended up being two days. As this is not really enough time to give a full review, I thought that I would still share this program with you. So basically this is designed to help kick start a healthy new you, you say you will start making a change to your diet but when you have very little time it can be difficult. 

The folks at Zenergy are there to make it easy, and also provide online support with work outs that ail fit into your busy life. Anything that can make my life a) A little less stressful and b) Help me get out of my junk food ways, is something that gets my attention! Here's how it works:

Here is my thoughts on the trail:

So the food arrived on time, it it was great to know that I had all my food for the day and that instead of waiting to sort the kids meals out I had something to eat. Usually I don't eat till late, late breakfast, lunch and dinner leave me feeling drained. So having everything sorted out for me, felt great. The box it came in was strong, so if this was delivered to an office or somewhere you would be happy it was all protected. There was an ice pack on top, to keep everything chilled and fresh.

Everything was labelled with 'snack' 'breakfast etc... So you knew what to eat when, but there where no descriptions to what you were eating so it was a bit of a guessing game. I think it would be great if you had a little menu instead, so you know what your eating and the calorie count. I know you can see a snap shot online, but what if your so busy you don't have time to look online. Also sadly you can't pick what you have, so the first 
days meals were perfect but the second day I had steak for dinner which I couldn't eat. Barry my bloke happily polished it off, and said it was a 9/10 so at least it was tasty.

On the plus, I had a boost in energy even after a day I could feel a difference and it was great to play with the kids and not feel hungry and sleepy. The hot meals you can just pop in the microwave and there are instructions, the food was really fresh and most of it didn't need heating as it was fruit or salad. Even with just the two days, there was a lot of taste to the meals, and it was great to have a mix as you can get fed up of eating the same thing daily. I like that in this program you have the weekend off to enjoy what you like.

The above is a sample of their weekly menu.

From £18 a day this doesn't come cheap, but you are eating well prepared meals and also think about how much your not wasting. I think everyone wastes food, it's such a crap feeling when you have done a huge shop and half of it goes in the bin when your trying to start a diet plan. I think if your on a diet, or trying to kick start one this could work for you. As you have removed the temptation from your cupboards, and can just do a mini shop at the weekend. 

You can relax about cooking and preparing everything and just get on with your day. Like I said I like the idea of this, but I think once the meals have descriptions and maybe they give you the option of 'this or that' for meals it will be spot on. I don't think two days were enough to make a real change for me, I stayed away from the junk for three days after than cracked. I think I will try again, but you have to be ready to want to change and part of me doesn't want too yet. This has inspired me that fingers crossed before Christmas I will make a change.  

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  1. £18 seems very steep! i reckon my weekly food shop is about £15 (not including the weekends), so maybe it's ok for some and it's a cool and thoughtful idea but i'm not 100% on it for the size of the portions.


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