Witch Skincare BB Cream giveaway!

You have to love the folks at Witch Skincare, as part of their bloggers team 'flawless friends' I'm so happy to host a giveaway for you. Yes you my wonderful readers, they have given me 5 BB creams for you too win and if you read my review you will know how much I love this BB cream. Entering is super simply.
  • You must follow this blog via GFC
  • You must follow @witchskincare via twitter
  • You must tweet the message given
  • Giveaway ends on the 19th of September 2012 
  • There will be 5 winners
  •  U.K residents only 
-There are also heaps of bonus ones so scroll down!

Images: Mine, read my review here

Good luck!

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  1. I'm from Canada and I've never heard much of this company. I want to win this because not only does it look amazing BBcream, but just for something completely different. How did you like it ?

    1. Sadly it's not open to peeps outside the U.K
      Stay tuned as I will be having a Christmas giveaway this year and I was thinking of including this in it . xxx
      I really like it, I tend to mix it with my foundation xx

    2. sorry just rad that again haha if you are here in the U.K than go for it xx

  2. Fantastic giveaway! cant believe im didnt follow you on twitter already- i love your blog and love twitter
    althoguh i did get a bit confused with the tweet message (not sure if you wanted an exact message or just a tweet)

    1. there should be an auto tweet there for ya, your tweet will still count xx

  3. Not really sure if I want to do all that for a chance to win 1/5 giveaways. :)

    Thanks for the info though xx

    1. You only have to follow this blog, follow witch on twitter and send an automatic tweet :) the rest are optional

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