Dare To Wear: For Aids Charity Challenge

 Images: Barry lean photography, makeup and styling by myself.

Some of you follow the fab, talented Alicia at FunnyFace Beauty, but if you don't please check for more information about why I am doing this and others are doing this inspired look also on how you can help raise money for charity. If you check out this post she gives you a heap of information and really hammer's the message about why it is so important (it really is people). She does regular challenges to try new looks with makeup, but this one is really special because her and her parents will donate their own money to charity for everyone who does this look. So go to her website and take the challenge if you would like to do something to support people with AID's and their brave family who some have loss whole families to this terrible disease.

'With over 22.4 million adults and children infected with the AIDS virus and hospitals that don't have enough beds for the sick, organizations like Tateni help to ensure that children will not be left with the burden of taking care of their sick parents.'

So my look is very dramatic, I think it looks more Asian. The idea was that the top half is a bird called the Gambia , and the bottom half is a monkey as in Africa the wild life are so important to the people. They are part of every tribes culture, from clothing to tribal makeup. Nature plays a huge part in fabric prints etc....and this really inspire me with the look. I like the idea of the tribal mask as well, plus I also wanted it to be 'RED' because AID's awareness is red. The image that inspired my Dare To Wear LookPlease go check out the link to Alicia's post, so that you can do your version of a tribal look for charity. This is my version of a tribal look, hope you like it:

What do you think?

So go check out her post for more information and why not try it, it is for a good cause. This was a very quick attempt and I had no face paint just eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and same glitter ... but see you can still do something. Anyway thank you for all the advice on the GHD post again, adding them to my list (plus the people who made the ad tweeted me, how cool and liked the post) see I do listen to your feedback. Thank you my dears xxxx


  1. Holy crap...are you serious? This is AMAZING! I can't even believe how much time that must have taken you. Seriously it is incredible. I was in shock when I saw it (I thought the picture was your inspiration not you...lol)
    Thank you so much for doing this. I really really appreciate it and again I am in utter disbelief at just how good it is.

  2. oh I'm glad you like it because I had to do it so fast, I wish I had more time to have made it spot on and sharper ...my lines are a tad wiggle and wobble. I loved doing this for your post and happy to support you with it. Thank you for this comment too Alicia I'm glad you like it :)

  3. Law, this is so beautiful! :) Even more fantastic because it's for a good cause!

  4. omg that is so amazing i didnt realise it was u until i read properly!

    u look so enchanting :D

  5. unreal! i cant believe thats you! you did an amazing job! what a great idea and for such a good cause! x

  6. you did sucuuch AN AMAAAAZING JOB!!! you are soo talented :)

  7. omg amazing pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i really love it!! *.*
    i love your blog!!

  8. Wow the makeup artistry is out of ths world! Absolutely amazing talent and heart behind it! xo

  9. Amazing makeup! You're really talented! I'm your newest follower! Love the blog.


  10. :o!!! That is amazing!!!! I didn't think it was you, haha! You really have done an amazing job, i love it! I want to see more makeup sessions from you ;)
    going to go check this cause out, looks good :)

  11. Wow, luv your fotos.
    You are very talented.
    Btw i would like to thank you for dropping a nice comment.
    Kisses and hug...

  12. PERFECT! OMG really amazing! Do you like fashion blogs with outfits and trends? I think you could check on my blog and feel free to follow me, I would love if we could follow each other, ohh and if you have twitter you can add me too or facebook . I would be so glad.
    ♥, Jo

  13. This is incredible, im literally speechless!
    you go girl

  14. wow this is great!! you did an amazing job with this!!! love the photography <3

  15. You did this yourself??? OMG!!! If you said I should do a nail art tutorial, you could definitely do make up tutorials!! :O THIS IS AMAZING!! And so nice of you to do it for charity! YOU GO LAURA!!! :))
    <3 <3


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